New stable release: v0.20111021

October 21, 2011

We’re pleased to announce a new stable release of the Calagator platform, a well-tested version of the Calagator source code for those that want to run their own instance. Please note that this should be the final stable release of the Calagator platform based on Ruby on Rails 2.x, with future releases moving to Rails 3.x.

You can download this release from or checkout the “v0.20111021” tag from the git repository at


  • [DEPENDENCY] Upgraded to Rails 2.3.12.
  • [MIGRATION] Added venue details so organizers can specify per-event information like room number, access code, etc.
  • [THEME] Added mobile CSS stylesheet for friendlier experience on smaller screens.
  • Updated Upcoming importer to work around invalid UTC dates emitted by current API.
  • Updated Plancast importer to use the new, official JSONP API.
  • Updated Meetup importer to use the new, official API if a key is available. See instructions in `` file.
  • Update robot exclusion rules to allow Google Calendar to subscribe to filtered searches.
  • Updated iCalendar exporter to include venue address and source URL.
  • Added “opensearch” to let browsers use Calagator as a search provider.
  • Added Vagrant support, allowing easy setup of a development environment. See instructions in `` file.


  • [THEME] – Changed theme structure, see the themes/README.txt file for details.
  • [MIGRATION] – Change schema, run `bundle exec rake db:migrate` to apply.
  • [DEPENDENCY] – Changed dependencies.

Thank you for your support!


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