Since we canceled our regular Saturday code sprint last week to attend Startupalooza, Calagator volunteers gathered for two mini-sprints Wednesday and Thursday to address bugs and some small enhancements.

A few highlights:

  • We created a bookmarklet to make it as easy as possible to import single events from pages containing hCalendar markup. To try it, go to our import page, drag the Add to Calagator link into your browser toolbar, then go to an event page on Upcoming, and click the bookmarklet link. It’ll take you back to the import page with the event url added to the form.
  • The import form also has a ‘re-import’ checkbox now. This is for you to let us know whether the page you’re importing should be checked again later for additional events and updates. The feature isn’t fully implemented yet, but we’d like to start collecting that information on event sources now.
  • We also fixed various bugs in the import process, event time selection, and other areas. If you want to know what we’re working on, or report an issue, visit our bug tracker on Google Code.