Vote For Calagator

May 13, 2008

I entered Calagator into the 2008 SourceForge Community Choice Awards nomination pool. This is an annual set of awards for open source projects, selected by popular vote, and presented during OSCON. If you’d like to help Calagator get more attention in the open source world at large, please take a minute to vote for us—particularly in the Best New Project category.

We’re creating a calendar tool that solves a few problems:

  1. Create a master calendar of tech events in Portland, OR.
  2. Make it really easy for all the event schedulers to opt into the aggregation service.
  3. Get the juicy details of what’s actually going to happen at each event in the same place.

Calagator is our name for the calendar aggregator software we’re writing.

You can find the google code project at

Our mailing list is at

We’re just getting started, but through this blog you’ll be able to find summaries of our meetings, details about our master plan and our discoveries about what’s happening in Portland.