New stable release: v0.20110603

June 3, 2011

We’re pleased to announce a new stable release of the Calagator platform, a well-tested version of the Calagator source code for those that want to run their own instance. This big release was made possible through the generous contributions of many volunteers at the PDX11 Civic Hackathon and various smaller sprints.

You can download this release from or checkout the “v0.20110603” tag from the git repository at


  • [!] – Important note regarding some change.
  • [THEME] – Changed theme structure, see the `themes/README.txt` file for details.
  • [SETTING] – Changed setting structure, see the `themes/README.txt`file for details.
  • [SECRETS] – Changed secrets structure, see the `` file for details.
  • [MIGRATION] – Change schema, run `bundle exec rake db:migrate` to apply.
  • [DEPENDENCY] – Changed dependencies.


  • [DEPENDENCY] Added `bundler` for installing dependencies and isolating from unwanted versions of gems. See `` for usage information.
  • [MIGRATION] Added fields to Venues: access notes, “has public wifi” flag, and “is closed” flag.
  • [THEME] Added file to describe appropriate content for a Calagator instance, e.g. “Portland-area tech events”. If not present, a reasonable default will be displayed.
  • [SETTING] Removed `tz` field. You now only need to set `timezone`. If theme still has `tz`, it will be ignored.
  • Fixed documentation to explain how to create a theme, setup a `development` environment, and install a `production` server.
  • Fixed export to Google Calendar, which could fail if the event’s description was long or truncated at a bad place.
  • Fixed exception notification to send emails with Rails 2.3.10 and newer, submitted fix as patch to `theme_support` plugin maintainer.
  • Fixed exception notification to set `From:` in a helpful way so that these can be replied to by those subscribed to notifications.
  • Fixed previewing of a new event with a new venue, it would throw an exception.
  • Fixed duplicate squashing to not throw exceptions if called with blank arguments, like when hit by a bot.
  • Fixed version refresh system, used on event/venue edit forms, to switch between versions of a record.
  • Added parsers to import Plancast and Meetup events.
  • Added Plancast machine tag to connect Calagator events with their external Plancast counterparts and display Plancast attendees on the event page.
  • Added ePDX machine tag to connect events with their ePDX groups.
  • Added JSON and KML exports to the venues listing.
  • Improved iCalendar importing system to use the better `RiCal` library.
  • Improved venues listing to show the latest and most popular venues, search venues, display map, etc.
  • Improve display of URLs on various pages by truncating them if they’re long.
  • Improved imported sources so they can be deleted and remove their associated event and venue records.
  • Improved recent changes rollback system to display messages, be able to rollback the `create` events, and redirect to appropriate pages.
  • Improved event form to accept URL parameters, so it can be pre-populated with desired values.
  • Improved venue destroy to prevent someone from removing a venue that still has events, to avoid orphaning these.
  • Improved new venue form to accept simplified address and not request longitude/latitude.

Thank you for your support, and we’ll hopefully see many of you at the Calagator code sprint tomorrow at the PDX11 Civic Hackathon:


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