We had a hugely successful code sprint this past Saturday. Reid Beels drafted wireframes that we used to change the main site areas over from scaffolding to something more “calendary”, so if you go to the site now, you’ll see the start of a new home page and event views. We also added iCalendar import and export options. This means you can now subscribe to all of Calagator in your personal calendar of choice.

With the combined import and export features, we have an initial implementation of our base functionality. That’s really something to be proud of, for the small amount of time we’ve been working—just four Saturday sessions.

By no means is Calagator finished, though. If you play around on http://calagator.org you’ll see things like duplicate events, duplicate venues, incomplete addresses, and no search or keyword tagging. All of this needs to be addressed. We’re also still working on making the views as clean and usable as we can.

The Portland tech community can help us by testing out Calagator, importing calendar data from your organizations, Upcoming, and other websites, and reporting any problems on our issues tracker. We’d also like to know how you want to use this application once it’s done. Those use cases will help us decide which features to focus on.

Thanks everyone, for your help and support.

March 1st is Code Sprint Time

February 28, 2008

On Saturday, we’ll meet for another round of Calagator building, starting at 10AM at CubeSpace. Possible tasks for this week include: finally getting that iCalendar import working, sending polite emails to organizations that don’t currently provide a calendar feed, and drafting ideas for the full event listing UI. Programmers, designers, and other tech community members are all welcome. Even if you haven’t participated before, come by and see what we’re up to.

We’ll be having our next work meeting this Saturday at CubeSpace, starting at 10AM. There’s lots of work for coders, designers, documentation writers, and calendar users. Come help us implement iCalendar imports and make sense of event venue info.

If you haven’t been before, just ask at the front desk and they’ll direct you to our group.

Our next codesprint will be on February 2, 2008, 10am6pm. We’ll meet at Cubespace, 622 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR.

You can RSVP on the wiki. Instructions for logging in to modify the wiki are on the front page of the site.

We’ll be working on Calagator, and all are welcome to join. The coders are using Rails for the development environment. If you’d like to code, please come with current versions of Ruby (1.8.6), Rails (2.0.2), and RSpec (1.1.2) installed.

If you’d like to work on research, documentation, UI design or graphical work, just bring yourself. If you have notecards for jotting down tasks and sharing with everyone, those are always useful!

Our 1/19 Codesprint!

January 19, 2008

From Audrey:

Today several of us met during the Code Sprint gathering at CubeSpace to talk and work on the calendar.

Participants: Audrey Eschright, Selena Deckelmann, Igal Koshevoy, Reid Biels, Paige Saez, Daniel Etra, Anselm Hook, and Bill Burcham.

We spent the first part of our gathering discussing our goals for the project. We focused on our reasons for creating a new calendar system, and the user communities we intend for this to serve. We determined that many existing calendar services have barriers to entry such as required registration that limit usage in our community. Current calendars can also lack the quality of details we would like to provide. We felt that creating a model for aggregating events around a specific interest area is important, and something that existing calendars only partially succeed at.
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