New Stable Release – v0.20110301

March 7, 2011

Igal reports:

I’ve published a new stable release of Calagator. You can download this release from or checkout the “v0.20110301” tag from the git repository at


  • [!] This version adds support for specifying the search engine to use for local data. The new default is `sql`, which requires no configuration or setup to work. If you have an existing Calagator instance and want to continue using ActsAsSolr, edit your `config/secrets.yml` file and specify `search_engine: acts_as_solr`. See the “Search engine” section of the `` file for details.
  • [SECRETS] Added `search_engine` field for specifying search engine.
  • [DEPENDENCY] Upgraded to latest stable releases of Ruby on Rails and other libraries. Use `rake gems:install` to install them.
  • [DEPENDENCY] Added optional `sunspot` search engine, which provides the best search results and is more reliable, efficient and speedy than `acts_as_solr`.
  • Fixed importing to support Upcoming’s mobile site, the only one many users can now use.
  • Fixed performance of duplicate checking and squashing interfaces.
  • Fixed exceptions thrown when filtering events by invalid dates.
  • Improved dependencies so production environment doesn’t need testing libraries.
  • Added `sql` search engine, which is used by default and requires no configuration or setup.
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