Even Good Weather Can’t Stop Us

April 14, 2008

Despite lovely spring weather on Saturday, a small group gathered for our regular code sprint. We did get a little outside time by having lunch on the patio at Produce Row.

Changes you might notice:

  • The events pages now have a link to get an hCalendar version of the event. You can copy and paste this into your own blog or webpage, to display the full event details as well as sharing the microformat love.
  • We’re continuing to work on management of duplicate venues and events behind the scenes. You might see more of these merge as we test the new functionality.
  • We did some pre-emptive sanitization of displayed data. No one has tried to do anything crazy or malicious with the event or venue fields yet (except us, for testing purposes), but this is a good problem to take care of now, before it’s a serious issue.
  • You might have seen a bug where not putting an end time on an event raised an error. We don’t want to make end times mandatory, so that’s fixed now too.

If you spot a bug while you’re using the site, please report it. We test things as well as we can, but there’s always something that slips through.

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